This is a demo for user-meta-shortcodes plugin I wrote and it should work correctly from the version 0.2.5 or newer.

In order to see this demo you should login with a valid account. You can create one very fast by using your Facebook account.

This page has these shortcodes (replace {} with [] ) and this css class:

CSS class .userinfo {display:inline-block;padding:10px;background-color:lightyellow;margin:10px;border: gray 1px solid;}

First sample

<a href="https://vencu.ro/test/{userinfo nospan="true" field="user_login"}">Test</a>

Output: Test

Second sample

{userinfo field="user_login"}


Third sample

Print my avatar: {userinfo field="avatar" size="50"}

Output: Print my avatar:
Of course, the avatar appearance depends also on your theme’s css for the “avatar” class.

Fourth sample

a very simple author card

{authorinfo field="avatar" size="70"} Lastname: {authorinfo field="last_name" nospan=1}<br/>Firstname: {authorinfo field="first_name" nospan=1}<br/><a href="{authorinfo field='posts'}">Read more posts by this author</a>

Richard Vencu Lastname: Vencu
Firstname: Richard
Read more posts by this author

Fifth sample

{otheruserinfo field="user_firstname" uservar="theuserlogin"}


if nothing appears try this link: https://vencu.ro/test/?theuserlogin=admin

Sixth sample

{otheruserinfo field="user_firstname" login="admin"}

Output: Richard

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  1. Paddy
    Paddy 08/09/2012 la 08:30 |

    Thanks for the quick input here, but it still does not work for me 🙁

    I have updated the plugin on my WP site.

    In my wordpress post in my wysiwyg editor I have written the word link – I then click on the link icon icon and enter the URL to make this a hyperlink. The URL I enter is

    http://example.com/farms/user/{userinfo nospan="true" field="user_login"}

    I really use [] , but for this example here I use {} as it gets stripped out otherwise.

    But now the URL just renders as http://example.com/farms/user/

    nothing is added to the end?

    When I remove the nospan part the URL is the same issue as before the update

    http://example.com/farms/user/ <span class=

  2. Paddy
    Paddy 08/09/2012 la 08:44 |

    Hi I figured it out…

    When using it as a link in a WYSIWYG editor, it needs to have a slightly different mark up…Using ‘ instead of ” in the shortcode fixes it!

    Thanks for your help, really appreciated…

  3. Root
    Root 13/02/2016 la 15:34 |

    I’ve been using this tool untill recenty I discovered that the above feature does not work anymore.
    I’ve tried all variations of

    with single quote and double quotes and with {} and [] but nothing works.

  4. Root
    Root 13/02/2016 la 15:35 |

    By the way am using the latest wordpress with latest plugin.

  5. Root
    Root 13/02/2016 la 15:38 |

    My code

  6. Root
    Root 13/02/2016 la 15:39 |

    src=’/User_info_api.php?user=[userinfo nospan="true" field="user_login"]‘ width=”740″ height=”500″



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