Home automation

Back to the home automation project. The construction project itself is in delay due to lack of qualified workers in Romania. Therefore prices went up if you want to keep good quality. Otherwise you need to relay on personal connections and good friends to get things done well.

I was dropping the home automation project after I failed to find a reliable component
supplier. However at some point it happened to find such a supplier so I am back with
this project. The supplier is named Gewiss and comes from Italy. I found a full product
range (namely Chorus) based on KNX/EIB bus as described into an earlier post. No more
technicalities now but it has all I dreamed: the bus management tools, navigator panels,
internet and GSM interfaces, receivers and actuators, burglar system, video entryphone,
etc. It even has some less complicated devices such as wireless triggers and actuators
that listen directly for the wireless command.

Now I found that in Romania there is no company today to offer services around this
system therefore I am up to start learning this area and plan and install by myself
all the system. If it will be a succes, I plan to include this activity as a part
of my future business.

Automatizari rezidentiale http://richardconsulting.ro


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