Formidable Forms

I am developing solutions based on Formidable Forms for more than 8 years now. I came to recognize Formidable Forms as the most trusty forms framework on WordPress landscape and I ended up launching sophisticated enterprise solutions using most of Formidable Forms features such as:

  • Microservices architecture (both calling external APIs and also exposing own API to the world)
  • Complex reports with super-optimized queries for fast rendering
  • AJAX interactions from forms and reports
  • Custom code via WordPress PHP hooks and Javascript at frontend
  • Specialized statistics shortcodes
  • Automation based on various events such as form submission or entries editing
  • Role level security that can be enhanced with plugins such as Members
  • Notifications via email, REST API
  • Consistent forms custom styling with options and custom css

The framework is, for me, battle tested and proven very robust and dependable. Code quality is great, support is very responsive so it confirms that the framework keep to be futureproof for any application.

Formidable Forms is celebrating now its 11th anniversary and it has a nice surprise for a lucky user: chance to win a lifetime license.

If you are using complex forms and know WordPress development then there is nowhere to look further than Formidable Forms. Start with the free plugin and see how it is. Happy coding!

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