Persona non grata

Perhaps the title is exaggerated and only show my ignorance about external affairs vocabulary. But the newspapers just do the same and I could say a word or two to the one who pushed me into that trouble… The fact is quite simple to describe: I just got expulsed from Thailand. Well, I really did […]

China trip 8

Why 8? I am not sure if 8 is right but I am sure I already did at least 8 trips in China. Being lazy to post an entry every time, I decided to leave it like this and try to update some feelings about China. Now that Olympic Games are over (paralympics not yet) […]

Home Automation – decision

I am close to finish the house construction. I went to a KNX basic course and got KNX certification last month. I think going to KNX world was a good decision because: it is an open standard (apparently the only one to be European – CELENEC, international – ISO and recently adopted as national standard […]

China trip 3

This time I decided to visit as many cities in China as possible in a short period of time. Therefore I arrived Hong Kong then entered China by train, to Guangzhou. This city I visited before, it is very convenient but pollution is a real big problem here. Shenzen is reachable by local fast intercity […]

More home automation

I registered to a 5 days seminar in UK in order to learn KNX/EIB. It was the single seminar that gave me confidence upon my web research. The company name is Ivory Egg and they also operate a website with other KNX/EIB products: I will attend in July and hope will return home with […]

Home automation

Back to the home automation project. The construction project itself is in delay due to lack of qualified workers in Romania. Therefore prices went up if you want to keep good quality. Otherwise you need to relay on personal connections and good friends to get things done well. I was dropping the home automation project […]