Thai expulsion – follow up

During my stay in Bangkok airport I was scarred that I was told even if I buy a new ticket to return home, the airline can refuse my boarding since I am not anymore a normal passenger. I wrote a notice to European Commison, Directorate General for Energy and Transport via web page and I received recently an answer not very well targeted, but here it is for anyone refference:

Dear Mr Richard Adrian Vencu,

I apologise for our late answer which is due to a temporary restrain of human resources
in our unit. I realise that this reply reaches you belatedly and I apologise for any
inconvenience this may have caused you.

Under the EU Regulation on air passenger rights [EC]261/2004,
Member States are responsible for monitoring and enforcing Regulation 261/2004 in
individual cases between passengers and airlines, which means that the Commission
is not competent to deal with passenger complaints. 

With regard to your case, from the little information you provided, it seems that
you attempted to travel without a valid visa and you were probably denied boarding.
On this, I regret to inform you that in case of inadequate travel documentation (such
as visa), the airline is in principle considered to have reasonable ground of refuse
boarding to passengers.
Reference can be made to Article 2 of the above-mentioned Regulation, which sets out
a definition as follows:

„‘Denied boarding’ means a refusal to carry passengers on a flight, although they
have presented themselves for boarding under the conditions laid down in Article 3(2),
except where there are reasonable grounds to deny them boarding, such as reasons of
health, safety or security, or inadequate travel documentation”.

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