Living a wide life

After changing my blog theme I found some bug on the new template and I attempted to fix it. Then I was thinking what to write to have some global significance. Then I came up with „Living a wide life”.

I want to make my life very wide. As some wisdom man told me once, we must search
to live a wide life. What is a wide life? Well everybody has a personal life. Here
you may have or not a family and you may have a poor or a rich personal life. Then
we should widen this life with our social life (friends, profession, etc) and with
our spiritual life (create space for your own spiritual being). We should struggle
to widen all of these three lives. In many cases our destiny only permits to reach
a certain level of life width. We should not be angry with it but use whatever we
can get in it.

I recently saw the „Yes man” comedy. Indeed we should be able to reach to the extent
of our destiny.

And a big secret is this: if you make your life very wide, it also becomes very long.

I wish a very wide and long life to you.


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