Last night a Brommie saved my life… ♫♫♪

Hehehe, you cannot believe how happy I was that Facebook exists (just for a few seconds but long enough).

The story short: I am following several EU friendly groups on FB (no surprise here) so yesterday I replied to a post titled „We love your accent” posted on a group called „EU in Brum” (Birmingham for the profane). The post is most probably a reaction to the Happy Brexit Day xenophobic notes

What I said is that I personally feel uneasy when someone asks me where I am from because I expect to get „go back where you came from” afterwards. My reason for that is obviously the 2016 disaster, the elections last year and with the constant hate fanned by the media and the politicians.

So this lady, Dottie O’Connor writes me back to not give in despair and that when I am asked where I am coming from to react as if the question came from kindness.

I tell you what, I might be as tough as nails but that blew me to pieces – not for the exact meaning but because made me realize I am part of the problem. How, you may ask? Well, it is the attitude that counts. There is no denial that there are enough assholes in the world that want nothing more than to single one out or make one feel unwelcome but most of the people don’t have that in mind when they ask such a question. I realized that the people became quiet after asking, not because they just wanted to embarrass me but because of my own projection of dread and unease, as if they felt it is an unwelcome subject and just wanted to live me in peace.

Ok, so? Well this simple message blew me to pieces but also RESTORED me. I am back, centered and focused and I learned something. There are people like Dottie left in this world that are capable to reach another human in a selfless gesture and with genuine compassion and as long as they exist, this world is worth fighting for. Helping one another is the true way for us all to move up, not the hate and the division preached into our ear every moment.

Bottom line, if you ever see someone down and you feel you can help them, do it. Sometimes just a kind word is enough.

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